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    Car Detailing, Window Tint,
    Dent Repair, Rim Refinishing
    & Miami's Best Hand Car Wash

    Located in the Brickell Area

    Just 2 Blocks West of I-95

    561 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33131

    Call/Text 24 Hours for "Quotes" or "Appointments" 305-710-3336

  • Services Offered Daily...

    "Same Day" Service - NO Appointments Needed...

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    Brickell's ONLY Full Service Auto Spa...

    Open 7 Days at 8AM

    We offer the following Services "Same Day" NO Appointment needed:
    • 3M Premium Car Window Tinting Including HP, FX, Ceramic, Crystalline and Carbon Films
    • Rim's Restored to like "New" from Scuffs, Scratches, Chips and Curb Damage
    • Want to change the Color/Finish of your rims? Give us a call... Brake Calipers Painted also with Logos!
    • Full Service Interior/Exterior Car Detailing - Miami's Best Auto Detailing Services
    • We Detail Cars with Brands such as: Menzerna, Wolfgang, 3M, Klasse, Meguiars, Palermo
    • Palermo Nano-Sealant Italian Paint Protection - Ultimate Deep Shine and Protection
    • Interior Only Car Detailing Packages - Includes Carpets, Mats, Seats, Leather, Doors, Dash and Trunk
    • Exterior Only Car Detailing Packages, from a Simple Wax Detail to Full Car Detailing Service (see menus)
    • Leather Car Seats - Clean & Conditioned - Stain Removal - Interior car Detailing
    • Shampoo Carpets and Fabric Seats - Steam Stain Removal - Interior Car Detailing
    • Steam Clean "Oil" Stains out from Car Seats and Car Carpets
    • Ceramic Car Coatings, Nano Car Coatings for Specialty Car Finishes
    • Restore Foggy Car Headlights to "Like New"
    • Motorcycle Detailing & Washes (Miami's Only Indoor Detail Center with Motorcycle Lifts)
    • Engine Detailing, Pressure Washing, Steam Detailing
    • Door Dings Removed, Paint-less Dent Removal Services (24 Hour Notice Required)
    • We REMOVE Car Bra films, Car logos and emblems, pin-stripes and car wraps "Same Day"
    • See the additional sections below for Rim Repairs, Wheel Restoration and Car Window Tinting
    "Same Day" Service
    NO Appointments Needed...
    Call/TEXT 305-710-3336

  • Miami Auto Spa - Brickell Area

    "Same Day" Service - NO Appointments Needed...

    Call/TEXT 305-710-3336

    Brickell's ONLY Full Service Auto Spa...

    Open 7 Days at 8AM

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  • Ultimate Paint Protection

    "Exclusive" to Miami Auto Spa

    Palermo Paint Protection

    $100 OFF - December 2017 Special!

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  • Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Protection

    We ONLY Schedule one vehicle per day

    for the Gyeon Quartz Protection Package.

    Miami Auto Spa ceramic coating protection, Porsche ceramic coatings
  • "Hot Deals" and Monthly Promotions...

    If you have multiple vehicles - Call/TEXT - 305-710-3336

    50% OFF
    ONLY $99
    Platinum #5
    Exterior Detail

    Valid Daily before 9:30am.

    SUV Extra

    Not valid with other offers.

    NO appointment Needed.

    BUY 25 Washes
    Get 5 FREE

    Washes Never Expire..
    Not valid with other discounts.
    Corporate Accounts Welcome.

    $100 OFF
    Platinum #6
    Full Detail
    Interior Exterior

    Before 9:30am Daily
    Not valid with other discounts
    NO appointment Needed.
  • Pick-up & Drop off Services

    "Concierge Care"

    Call/Text 305-710-3336 anytime

    FREE Pick-up and Drop off services for:

    Window Tinting, Car Detailing, Dent Removal or Rim Repairs

    Mobile auto detailing Miami, Mobile car detailing Miami, car detailing at office Miami, car detailing at house Miami

    Call/Text 305-710-3336 anytime for

    FREE Pick-up and Drop off services of your car for

    Window Tinting, Car Detailing or Rim Repairs


  • Dent Removal Miami - Door Ding Removal

    "Same Day" Services - 7 Days a Week

    305-710-3336 - Call/Text for Quote

    Tuesday & Saturday walk-in appointments

    dent removal Miami

    Click on Image Above to visit our Dent Removal Service

  • Rim Repair Miami, Rim Painting,
    Rim Restoration and Caliper Painting

    "Same Day" Service - NO Appointments Needed...
    Call/TEXT 305-710-3336

    "Same Day" Service - Open at 8AM

    Call/Text Rim Photos to 305-710-3336

    2 to 3 hours you will be back on the road like NEW!

    Open Every Day - "LIFETIME" Warranty

  • 3M Car Window Tinting

    Open 7 Days at 8AM for Miami's Best Window Tinting Services

    We always INCLUDE a "Lifetime Warranty"

    "Click" Image below to visit our Window Tinting website

    3M car window tinting Miami, 3M auto window tinting Miami
  • "Spiff It UP" Winter Detail Special...

    Available every year between December 01 and March 01

    $129 Cars - $149 SUV's

    Includes the following Services...

    Full Service Detail #1 Hand Car Wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Wolfgang Wax Sealant on the painted surfaces, Shampoo all Floor Mats, Interior Leather Conditioning Service.

  • Restore Yellow, Oxidized,
    Foggy Headlights in Miami

    "Same Day" Service - NO Appointments Needed...
    Call/TEXT 305-710-3336

    Headlight Restoration

    NO Appointment needed for Headlight Restoration

    15 minutes per headlight and you will be on your way with headlights that look like NEW!

    3 Year Warranty on ALL work!


    $29-$39 Per Headlight - MUCH Cheaper than Replacing Headlights!

    If we can't remove it - NO Charge!

    We can restore your cars unpleasant, hazy, foggy and worn out headlights to appear like new again.


    Feel free to TEXT us at 305-710-3336 a picture of your headlights for a quote...


    Ask about the "All Day - Everyday" Hot Deal on our #5 Platinum Exterior Detail at ONLY $99 when you have your headlights completed at the same time.


  • Motorcycle Detailing in Miami

    & Washes

    We have Miami's ONLY Indoor/Covered Motorcycle Detailing Center

    with Full Air Powered Lifts...

    NO Appointment Needed for Washes or Detailing!

    Call/Text 305-710-3336

    Motorcycle detailing Miami, motorcycle wash Miami, harley davidson detailing Miami, wash my bike, bike wash Miami

    Full Detailing from ONLY $99+,

    Got lots of Chrome Starting at $139+

    Washes are $20 for Full Service

    (Air Blown Crevices Included)

    We have Miami's ONLY Indoor/Covered Motorcycle Detailing Center with Full Air Powered Lifts...

    NO Appointment Needed for Washes or Detailing! Call/Text 305-710-3336

    • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
    • Chrome and Metal Surfaces Polished Properly
    • Chain Cleaner if needed, We also pressure clean off all road grime thoroughly.
    • Feel free to pull up a chair and hang out while your Detailer works on your bike!
    • Full Complete Detail (NO Appt Needed) takes about 1-2 Hours Depending on Metal Work
    • ASK about our "Palermo" Paint Treatment as a extra layer of protection at ONLY $99 Additional
  • Concrete, Tar & Paint Overspray
    Removal from Cars

    "Same Day" Service - NO Appointments Needed...
    Call/TEXT 305-710-3336

    Remove Concrete Spray & Paint Overspray from Cars...

    "Same Day" Service - Just come to our shop 2-3 Hours Like New again!

    "Same day" service - Just drive over and no matter what we will get you taken care of and back on the road within 2-3 hours!


    FREE Pick-up and Drop Off available of your vehicle within 10 miles of Downtown Miami area.

    No matter what overspray (Paint, Cement, Concrete) we will get it OFF!


    100% REMOVED and your car polished and waxed to look new again....

    We GUARANTEE your car will look great again FROM $199-$299 in 3 hours or less...

    Call/Text Chris - 305-710-3336 or email Chris@MiamiAutoSpa.com


    Corporate Checks from construction companies are accepted.


    Our hand process gently removes car overspray without harming the clear coat. We do not remove overspray with any kind of mechanical buffers. Everything is done by hand. We will use a dual action buffer in the final polishing step to hone the finish to a glossy shine using our Wolfgang Sealant.

    Proprietary cleaning products and techniques ensure unmatched results. No sanding or buffing is performed to ensure the vehicle is returned to its previous condition or better. These techniques vary depending on the vehicle finish and type of contamination. 30 years of experience has taught us how to remove overspray from cars using the best method of cleaning for any situation. We always start with the least aggressive technique.


    How long does it take to remove paint overspray on cars?
    Removal time varies based on the size, color, and severity of the overspray. One vehicle can take anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete.


    Is your car overspray removal process safe for my vehicle?
    Our process to remove paint overspray on cars is manufacturer approved and dealership recommended. Our process ensures only the overspray contaminant is removed and the clear coat is neither harmed nor affected.



    Beyond knowing how to remove overspray from cars, we take each car overspray process very seriously. We are also Certified Auto Detailing Experts so your car will look like new when you get it back!


    Email: Chris@MiamiAutoSpa.com

    CALL/TEXT 305-710-3336 - "Same Day" service!


    OPEN 7 DAYS - 8AM TO 6PM


    We Welcome Insurance Companies, Auto Dealers, Construction Companies, Roofing Companies and any other business who needs our services....

    All work is performed at our location to deliver best results.

  • Car Flooded?

    Did you forget to close your sunroof or windows?

    Get caught during heavy rains and got water flooded inside your car?

    DO NOT WORRY - We can take care of that!

    Call/Text 305-710-3336 - Immediate Service Available!

    Our Flooded Car Package Includes Interior Steam Cleaning, Extraction of Water, Sanitizing Interiors and More.

    Do NOT Wait - get the water OUT! Even if you need to still take it for electrical repairs removing the water and smell is the very first step needed to a quick recovery....

    CALL/TEXT 305-710-3336 for "Same Day" Service

  • Ask Anything... Get a QUOTE...

    "Same Day" Service - NO Appointments Needed...
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    561 SW 8th Street , Miami
    8am-6pm Daily
    Sunday Closed at 5PM
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