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    clear bra Miami 33131 - Clear Bra protection Miami Beach 33139


    First we have to decontaminate the paint &

    then perform minor paint correction & polishing.


    • Pricing is based on type of vehicle, amount of coverage needed and the condition of the painted surfaces.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Most installers will not advise you of this. You MUST clean the "clear coat" painted surfaces before applying the film. We perform those duties to make sure that your protective film 2-3 years later does not turn yellow from oxidation under it. Don't be fooled by those in vans running around willing to do this in your driveway!

    • During every day driving in Miami, you subject the frontal portion of your vehicle to all kinds of “Micro-Grit”, stones and concrete/paint over-spray. “Micro-Grit” is like airborne sand paper on a paint job causing ultra-fine scratches.

    • This “Micro-Grit” can dull a paint’s finish. Stones as small as a 1/4-inch in size can also chip paint down to the primer.

    • “Airborne fall-out” (known as acid rain), and soot from air pollutants also destroy paint finishes. Bugs stick to paint and stain the surface leaving an acidic mark in the clear coat. Todays paint finish is much more vulnerable to chips, scratches and stains than ever before.

    • Miami Auto Spa uses and installs only the leading brands such as Xpel, 3M and SunTek

    • Never hesitate to stop by and visit our to discuss your needs in person. Open everyday at 8am

    clear bra Miami 33131 - Clear Bra protection Miami Beach 33139